Trabaja poster
My version of the italian labour motto "lavorare meno, lavorare tutti, produrre il necessario, distribuire tutto" in spanish.

Printed in Risograph in black and scarlet inks.
Colossus poster
Poster selected for the A2 open call with the theme "giant" by Dizzy Ink. 

Printed in a Risograph A2 stencil duplicator by Dizzy Ink in Nottingham.

Father John Misty
Risotrip was hired by Queremos! to design and print the poster to promote Father John Misty’s show that took place in São Paulo. We could notice his lyrics have a morbid signature humor full of irony and sarcastic tendencies, so we decided to follow this mood. He often exposes a dystopian vision of a hedonistic society endlessly addicted to entertainment and navigates dark landscapes on fame, politics, social media, environment and human nature.

︎︎︎2nd place in the 2018 Best Posters from Queremos!

The poster was riso printed in black, fluorescent pink and blue inks.

Designers: Daniel Bicho & Igor Arume


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